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Find the best submit button for your online forms

Why A/B Test Your Submit Buttons?

Your submit button is such a small element of your form. Does it really matter what it says or looks like? After all, we all know what it’s there for, right? Not necessarily. Your submit button is essentially the call to action for your form. It's the gateway between abandoning your website and converting a lead.

Smart marketers optimize their form buttons to convince even more customers to convert. In fact, research has shown that changing just one word on a submit button can increase conversions by up to 250%. Marketers know the value of a clear call to action, so don’t overlook your submit button. Use A/B Testing to see what works best and optimize your form for higher conversion rates.

Setup Your First Test

We've built a super-easy way to build an A/B test for your online forms. To keep things simple we only allow you to test 2 or 3 different submit buttons at a time. This ensures that you are able to maximize your conversion rates without cluttering your test results. When thinking of your submit buttons, make sure they are a good call-to-action, prompting the user to click.

Got a few buttons in mind? Click here to create your first test.

Embed the A/B Test on Your Form

Once you've got your test setup, the last step is to add the test to your form. To do this, we've got a short snippet of Javascript that you'll need to embed on your form. You can find this embed code on your test dashboard.

To hook the embed code up to your submit button, you'll need to update the selector in the Javascript code. This selector will tell our code how to find your submit button so we can change the text to one of your variations.

Out in the wild, your embed code will look something like this:


How can I embed with Formstack?

Use the "embed" field on your form for your embed code, then change the selector to ".fsSubmitButton"

var splitButton23983 = new SplitButton(23983, "1ebxy6m7dl", ".fsSubmitButton");


Can I test links and other call to actions?

Yes! You can test links and other buttons without any problems. Simply use the same embed code and update the selector to grab your link (must use an ID or class name for the selector to work)

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