Top Free A/B Testing Tools

Nov 19, 2014

Let’s be honest: free A/B testing tools are hard to find. Some companies offer free trials but then cost hundreds of dollars a month. While many of these A/B or multivariate testing tools are valuable, not everyone can afford them.

Even though they seem unimportant, more people A/B test buttons than any other website element. The button is usually the last place a person hesitates before clicking, so it’s a critical moment. Split testing buttons can help you create the strongest possible button to convert more customers. is a free button testing tool. With it, you can create test for up to three different buttons. Wondering how to A/B test a button? You can change button colors, calls to action, or other elements. SplitButton also includes analytics to see how your buttons are performing against each other.

Google Analytics

Google Ana

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Intro to Multivariate Testing

Nov 15, 2014

Multivariate testing sounds scientific and complicated, but it can be pretty simple if you take advantage of multivariate testing tools. These tools let you test how your audience responds to changes in your website by redirecting them to different versions. With data from split testing, you can measure which version is most successful.

Is multivariate testing the same as A/B testing?

The concept is the same, but with one key difference. A/B testing only tests two versions (version A and version B), whereas multivariate testing allows you to test more than two versions at a time. This saves time and helps you come to a conclusion more quickly. Multivariate testing tends to work best on high-traffic sites, so if you have low traffic, you will want to stick with A/B tests.

How long does a multivariate test take?

It varies based on your traffic. For results with statistical significance, you wi

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How To Run A Website Test

Nov 10, 2014

If you want to build an A/B or multivariate testing plan that gets results, you’ll need to prioritize. Test high-priority page elements first to impact the largest number of visitors. Then, you can move on to other tests to continue to increase conversions. Check out this mini A/B testing guide to help you impact your website.

Start with the most visible elements

The most popular multivariate testing examples are your headlines, buttons, and calls to action. These elements have the biggest impact on conversions because your visitors will almost always interact with them.

Use A/B or multivariate testing tools to evaluate which versions of your headlines, buttons, and CTAs work the best. Ever wonder how to A/B test a button? Use free A/B testing software such as . For clean results, remember that you should only test one element of your website at a time.

Modify your social proof<

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The Psychology of Web Button Colors

Nov 02, 2014

We all respond to color. It can attract our attention or repulse us, give us a headache or relax us. When choosing your button colors, it’s not just about complementing your website color scheme.

Your colors can have a dramatic impact on your customers’ emotions. You might want to excite them. You might need to calm them. Use this guide to determine with button colors might be the best for your website.


Red is a powerful color: it can even increase your customers’ heart rate. Red gives an energy boost to your button. Use it as an accent because too much red can read as aggressive to your customers. Red creates a sense of urgency, so using it on your call to action can get people to click more impulsively. 


Blue is a calm color: think about the effect of the ocean on your mood. Companies who use shades of blue convey a reliability and responsibilit

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The Beginners Guide To A/B Testing

Oct 28, 2014

A/B testing might seem a bit overwhelming. There are so many components—where should you start? If you’re new to A/B or multivariate testing, don’t worry. Let’s take a look at the high-priority elements to test when you’re building a great website. 

1. Call to Action Button

Your call to action button is a critical place. The message needs to be a clear direction for your customer to take. Avoid vague CTAs like “Learn more” or “Submit,” because they don’t demonstrate what happens next.

You can test lots of elements: button copy, color, placement on the page, exclamation point or not, and more. Start with testing the wording of your call to action. For example, you might change “Learn more” to “Sign me up for the newsletter.” Want to know how to A/B test a button? Use a free tool like .

2. Headlines

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Top A/B Testing Tool Comparisons

Oct 18, 2014

There are a number of A/B testing tools on the market, and they range in price from free to thousands of dollars a month. Deciding on your testing goals will help you determine the best tool for you. For example, if you’re looking for button testing or landing pages, you might need a different tool than if you want a full-blown analytics package. Check out this A/B testing guide to decide which multivariate testing tools might be best. - Free

If you’ve been wondering how to A/B test a button, is up your alley. It’s a free A/B testing software that allows you to test two buttons head-to-head. In doing so, you can change your call to action or button color to determine which is more likely to convert customers. You’ll need to embed the code in your website to be able to track your results.

The call to action button is essential to converting customers, and it is one of th

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What is Split Button Testing?

Oct 12, 2014

Split testing (which is also called A/B or multivariate testing) allows you to direct a portion of your web visitors to different versions of your website. This lets you determine how your customers respond to elements on your website. With data from split tests, you can measure which version is most successful.

Do I need to run a split test?

Have you ever wondered, “What would happen if I changed this button, or this picture, or the text on my page?” If so, you should run a split test!

What can I split test?

You can run A/B tests on just about any website element. You might want to test:

Buttons Layout Colors/design Headlines Microcopy Calls to action Graphics Videos How do I run an A/B test?

Split testing allows you to simultaneously compare a new version of your website to your existing version. Experts reco

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What is a Call to Action?

Oct 07, 2014

How do stand-out marketers get their customers to take action? It’s simple. They ask!

Well, okay, it may not be quite as simple as just asking. Sometimes it's not just what you're asking, but also how you ask it. Effective marketers pay special attention to the ask, crafting calls to action that get a response.

A call to action (also known as CTA) is an imperative instruction that encourages action. Put simply, it’s a command to do something on your website such as Buy Now or Click Here.”

Experienced digital marketers have specific, measurable outcomes for each initiative. There’s some action you hope your customers will take. For example, you might want people to sign up for your email newsletter, download an e-book, or make a purchase. To inspire these actions, you need a strong CTA.

How Can I Encourage Leads with CTAs? 
There are two main places to encourage leads

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Call to Action A/B Testing with

Oct 02, 2014

Using the right Call to Action (or CTA) on your website can drastically increase your conversions, but how do you find that perfect CTA?  Test!  With SplitButton, you can setup different call to actions and test which performs the best and grabs the most clicks.

The setup for this test is very simple and it’s free!  Go to and start a new test.  Give the test a name (so you can identify it later if you are testing multiple buttons), then choose the different CTAs you want to try.

Once you have the test created, your next step will be to embed the test on your web page.  This is just a short snippet of javascript that will update the text of your button with every page load.  In order for the javascript to modify the button, we have to make sure the button has an ID.  If your button does not yet have an ID, please set an ID (a unique identifier like “submit_button”).&nbs

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